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This is the best video I have ever seen concerning the falsehood of prayer. A must see for all agnostics. Very powerful.
Grecio 7 June 10

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Nobody knows why Homo Sapiens tend to credit anything that happens in their favor as an act of God. Maybe it's in our genes as some kind of survival technique from millions of years ago. "I got in an accident but God saved me". My dad got killed in an auto accident but God works in mysterious ways.
Sam Harris says you can't have it both ways. Look at all the suffering in this world. There is as much evidence that God is omnipotent and evil as there is for a loving God.
On a side note, it is interesting that at one time, there were several species of humans in existence. Most all Americans from European descent have a degree of Neanderthal DNA. Nobody knows why Neanderthals went extinct but the most popular theory is that Homo Sapiens drove them to extinction. (I can't spell). For eons, everywhere Homo Sapiens went (Austrailia, North and South America, etc), they killed off all the large mammals. I think whenever the mutation that gave us the realization that we are alive occurred, it also gave us the desire to kill. This is true whether it be mammals, birds, whales, Dodo birds or whatever.
The largest numbers of existing mammals now are domestic. Dogs, cats, cows, pigs, sheep, etc. Most all other wild animals are nearing extinction like Lions, elephants, whales, etc.
I think that is somehow related to the love Americans have for football, boxing, fighting, etc. It's in our blood.

Grecio Level 7 June 12, 2018

A great video. Unfortunately, completely ineffective against those who CHOOSE to reject evidence and instead accept faith-based dogma. What is needed is education in how to think, instead of what to think.


I really don't see how a theist, or any rational human being for that matter, could possibly refute what is expressed in this video.

Grecio Level 7 June 10, 2018
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