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For those who would fall into either the Millennial or Gen X generations, take the quiz- []

No grey area for me, I identify with Gen X.

By SpikeTalon8
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Every single year, the date ranges for Gen-X gets smaller and smaller. I suspect there's a conspiracy to slowly lump everyone who isn't a Boomer in with Millennials...

I tried taking the quiz, but the multiple choice options were way outside my interests/genres - many of them I'd choose "none of the above"


As a Brit this sadly doesn’t work for me.

Cassiopeia Level 6 June 12, 2018

It says I'm a baby boomer ?? probably has a lot to do with growing up with grandparents


"You were of the MTV Generation."



Baby boomer!!!!

MacTavish Level 7 June 12, 2018

I'm definitely Gen X, but there were several that just didn't apply at all.

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