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I wish I could find a woman who is as passionate as I am about automobiles, I'm in love with my V8 Cougar ,it's not even reasonable I suppose but it is what it is. I'm ready as I'll ever be to find a relationship (I've worked on my self hardcore for 12 years ) I just wish she'd just land from somewhere say hello and we could just drive off into the sunset

Fastredcat 4 June 12

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Haha yeah no doubt


Maybe you could go to car shows or car festivals (is there such a thing? lol) to try to meet such woman. At least you know what you want. Good luck finding her.


Post a pic of your V8 Cougar. 🙂


@Fastredcat : You like red cars? Here's mine. 2014 Challenger R/T Classic.

@Fastredcat : You have a nice Cougar. It looks very clean. What do you like most about it? Are you in a Cougar club?


So, the most important criterion for meeting a woman is her like of cars? Good luck with that one, buddy.

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