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Calling all awkward childhood pics. Just cleaning and came across old pictures. Who's got embarrasing kid/teen pics of themselves they want to share? Spots and all ???

By OpposingOpposum9
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Nobody? ?s

That sweater pic... Hawt. 16 year old Sixx would have carried your books to class.

@Kafir. ? pretty sure I was trying to look 30. Dana Scully was my idol.

@Blindbird not a bad role model

@Blindbird I love that Dana Scully was your idol. smile001.gif


Around 1965 At least that's the year on the back I think I wasn't too happy that day.

kenriley Level 8 June 13, 2018




They're great photos. You look lovely in the picture where you're older.



Most of my pics when I was a kid were pretty cute (if I do say so myself). It was puberty and up when things got awkward.

Agreed. D'awww


purty teen pic

btroje Level 9 June 13, 2018

Spotty teen lol


me in my Garanimals, on a rope swing in a pecan tree.

Kimonogrl Level 4 June 13, 2018

The high school band clarinetist, the silly kid at the beach and the scout.

MrLizard Level 8 June 13, 2018


@Blindbird Yeah. Started out cute and got ugly.

@MrLizard not at all!

@MrLizard Oh BS! You're pretty darn cute to me smile001.gif


@germangirl90439 As are you to me.


Lol here's mine. I am actually Jesus reborn, I just didn't want to make a big thing of it.

Baby Leigh! Awesome.

@Blindbird thank you x

These are great Leigh.

@Blindbird, @Stacey48 again thank you


Here's some of mine. I'm wearing a shirt with a picture of me in the one where I'm standing. Not sure what my parents were thinking with that. Maybe they were worried I'd forget what I look like.

StephC Level 7 June 13, 2018

Love it!

Maybe it was in case you got lost. 'Have you seen this child?'

@Akfishlady I really wish I still had that shirt. I would have made my daughter wear it.

So sweet.

Great photos!

@StephC Love these ❤️


I am Bo Peep...hahaha! Its my birthday too! (Halloween)

What? That's my Bday too. Twinsies, lol
Great Pic.


Charlie and I, circa 1968

Gatovicolo Level 7 June 13, 2018



I’m not a young child in this but wtf was I thinking JR Year of HS. The turn of the millennium was super weird.?

RussJ Level 4 June 13, 2018

Yes it was. Thanks for playing! ?


As you wish

Too cute!


These pictures are not embarrassing

Mitch07102 Level 7 June 13, 2018

He’s right.!

@MissKathleen. I can't seem to find my favorite. Its a doozy maybe tomorrow.


Here ya go ... not embarrassing, but I was darn cute back then smile002.gif

Aww! Yes you were and still are !

Very cute GG!

What a cutie.


It's been a long time ago...

HeraTera Level 7 June 13, 2018

Love it!

@Blindbird It's a fun idea. I've enjoyed looking at the pictures people have posted here

@HeraTera me too. Its nice

These are great.

The woven backpacks are amazing!

@Elusia8 They were called "kundis". I don't know if the spelling is right. My parents used to pay the men to carry us back and forth to school in them when we lived overseas.


Good post... you were and still are , cute !

Buddha Level 7 June 13, 2018

Aww. Thanks

@Blindbird and you're a sweetheart, BB! Wish I could meet you Saturday!


From 1967???

Omng! You were so tiny! D'aww

@Blindbird But, I was so dang cute, ha ha!!

@farmboy2017 that You were!

Awwwww! Lol


If I was able to, I would share. :/

Holysocks Level 7 June 13, 2018

smile003.gif hugs


It fun to see everyone elses kid pics.

Stacey48 Level 8 June 14, 2018

Isn't it ? I'm really enjoying the responses.


A long time ago

Stacey48 Level 8 June 14, 2018

Looks like sweet memories.

@Blindbird Yes, I'm happy to say I'm still in contact with my freind on the left. A lot has changed, but our memories keep us talking. smile001.gif


I was adorable so I don't have awkward photos lol

Okay I lied here are some awkward ones

I'll spare you the emo punk teen photos lmao

@LadyAlyxandrea oh no. Post it or it didn’t happen!

@LadyAlyxandrea these are great!


I’ll just leave that there...slowly backing away....turning....RUN!

Elusia8 Level 6 June 14, 2018

I love this photo!

@Stacey48 ditto!

Wow, like the hair!


I’m on the right. I can’t believe I even liked that outfit.

So cute. What a sweet lil' face!


These are wonderful!

Squirrel Level 7 June 14, 2018

I know. This turned out great?

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