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Imagine you were s two dimensional creature in a two dimensional plane. Width and length only, no concept of height. Let's say your world is like a piece of paper. Then, one day, a three dimensional create, 6 year old Thomas from Swindon, pushes s pencil through your piece of paper, your world. You have no concept of up or down. All you can discern is some disturbance in your field. Wouldn't that be spooky!




Full movie...

Thanks I'll look at that tomorrow


I'd have to say no, based on my experience in a three-dimensional world, where crazy stuff happens all the time and it isn't spooky.

Quite agree Kathleen. Perhaps I should have written exciting, but I guess it depends on the individual's perceptionsmile008.gif


Black swan......


When I am trapped there I will send you a 2D postcard. Sex will be impossible for starters.


It's an interesting idea, but I had to look something up. Usually it's easy to distinguish whether to use the word plane or plain. This one was confusing. An abstract geometric would require plane, but this problem defines it as a real thing, which requires plain. So, I got stuck there.

hmm.... I don't see how you get that. I looked it up and think plane is accurate. I also reviewed titles of scholarly articles where they were discussing a two-dimensional plane as object of sentence, and always "plane" is used. Can you explain how you reached your conclusion? I'm very intrested.

@Miamagoo Whatever. On grammarist.com : Plain and plane are distinct in most of their definitions, but they almost converge where plain refers to a flat, treeless area of land and plane refers to a flat, level surface. But even here, the distinction is simple: A plain is a land formation, while plane is abstract, mainly appearing in mathematics and other specialized fields. And the problem says: two dimensional creature in a two dimensional plane. Not and abstract, but a real place, like an African plain; a 2 dimensional one.


@SACatWalker but the author never mentioned Tera firma

@Miamagoo this is true, but it's a given that it would be a real place, because we are real and we are there. And I love taking an answer where the question never intended to go, just for fun, and because I didn't have a good answer.


Sounds like a Dr Who episode but in reverse...
The 2d people stopped by.




No concept of height, eh?

If Mickey Rooney was still around we could ask him. ☺

@Sticks48 Or Andy Rooney😃

@Sticks48 Yes, because he's the only short dude ever.


It would be a source for curiosity wondering about where that bit of territory went. Because there is no up or down it wouldn't be a hole, just a circular piece of the plane I occupied would no longer be there. I suppose it would take on considerably more importance if that hole were punched where I happened to be. By the way, what have you been smoking?

ya, and i'd like some smile001.gif


I recommend Edwin Abbott Abbott's Flatland and Ian Stewart's Flatterland - I think you'd like them.


Can you share some of that weed with me?

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