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Imagine you were s two dimensional creature in a two dimensional plane. Width and length only, no concept of height. Let's say your world is like a piece of paper. Then, one day, a three dimensional create, 6 year old Thomas from Swindon, pushes s pencil through your piece of paper, your world. You have no concept of up or down. All you can discern is some disturbance in your field. Wouldn't that be spooky!

Geoffrey51 8 June 13

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It would be a source for curiosity wondering about where that bit of territory went. Because there is no up or down it wouldn't be a hole, just a circular piece of the plane I occupied would no longer be there. I suppose it would take on considerably more importance if that hole were punched where I happened to be. By the way, what have you been smoking?

ya, and i'd like some 🙂


I'd have to say no, based on my experience in a three-dimensional world, where crazy stuff happens all the time and it isn't spooky.

Quite agree Kathleen. Perhaps I should have written exciting, but I guess it depends on the individual's perception😮



Full movie...

Bjy001 Level 7 June 14, 2018

Thanks I'll look at that tomorrow


Can you share some of that weed with me?


I recommend Edwin Abbott Abbott's Flatland and Ian Stewart's Flatterland - I think you'd like them.

Jnei Level 8 June 13, 2018



Sounds like a Dr Who episode but in reverse...
The 2d people stopped by.


When I am trapped there I will send you a 2D postcard. Sex will be impossible for starters.


Black swan......

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