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"They [the new atheists] just don't take it [god] seriously enough; they don't contend with the real thinkers." - Jordan B. Peterson.

...Should they? ?

While Peterson has Harris, and Dillahunty et al. distracted reading lengthy obscure Russian authors, racking their brains to unearth the old arguments redressed, wasting time and energies refuting what has already been said by the lips of William Lane Craig or Dinesh D'Souza (but hey, not in Russian!); those Christian Literalists who apparently don't represent anybody anymore, those feather-weights, those low-hanging fruits, silently advance a 'playbook' with the unhappy name of Project Blitz, to push US lawmaking back to the middle-ages. The excuse is "religious protection", and yet, by their fruit you shall know them: Rejecting same-sex couples as foster parents, using political influences to get tax-payer dollars (or not to pay any taxes, that's a given)

I don't believe in conspiracies, but I do believe in a spontaneous alignment of agendas. After all, these are the "Judeo-Christian Values" that Peterson upholds and we so desperately need, isn't it?. Having the New Atheists distracted with byzantine philosophising, they can forget about what happens in the ground. Don't mind the odd literalists that are seeking to counter-reform law, just focus on Brothers Karamazov, because Gulags.

I feel that, once again, fear has been used to lure me into a trap.


leofalas 4 June 19

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How can I take something that doesn't exist seriously?

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