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The Bible, the old and new testament. I think of the bible as a very important historical book documenting the evolution of thought, culture and morals of the western world. Mostly done through allegorical stories that are not technically true but stories that carry a moral meaning. In the bible Moses, after seeing God, is full of rays of light radiating off of his body and particularly off of his face and head. In the King James version is is translated at horns of light. If you go to the Sistine Chapel in Rome there is a large bronze statue of Moses with huge horns on his head like a bull or the Devil i.e. the rays of light. If they cannot translate that accurately how are we suppose to believe that this document is the EXACT voice of God?

Aquaeyes 6 June 19

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I see the Bible the same way. It's like reading the psychology of humankind as it goes through change. I also believe that the core social values of ancient Israel became those of Great Britain which also became those of the United States. These values are expressed in law. The book is far from ideal, being very old. But it has poetry, fiction, myth, history and all the aspirations of man expressed in many different ways.
I think the literal understanding of 'horns of light' seemed hollow to many old students of the Bible and led to complex interpretations like we read in the Kabbalah.

Thank you for saying something intelligent. So many people have such a negative knee jerk reaction to the Bible.


I'm happy for you.


History being written by the victors....maybe you ought to talk to Darius?!


I see your point, but any translation or work of art is purely man made. Why restrict your argument to the bible? there are many other religious works, for which the same can be said.

Go ahead and name a few. I cannot believe how you completely missed the point. Add to the thoughts not just tear down try to build up add to the positive thoughts. My point is the bible is NOT the word of God, it is just a collection of stories that explains why and how much, not all of WESTERN civilization thoughts evolved. If you know of other books lets hear it.

@aquaeyes this is a double neagative. If god does not exist, how can there be a word of god ?


Those are good points.

Thank you.

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