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If God was real... who created God?

AccursedHalo 6 Dec 28

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Cthulhu obviously as he dreamed.


God is Humanities most destructive invention.


What if God hasnt created anything? Like energy, what if it has merely changed form. Infinite expression maybe.


If God was real, then he would exist outside of our concept of relativity and time.

No one ever asks "who created space?". But Space and Stuff have to coexist simultaneously otherwise there would be no contrast. If everything was stuff, it wouldn't matter because it would just be a compressed mass of stuff with nothing to separate it from itself. If everything was space, there would nothing to break up the space to make it useful.
Individually they are useless, but more importantly one cannot exist without the other.

When people think of "God", they often envision a man in the sky.
But it could be more fundamental to existence itself.
i.e. What if the universe couldn't exist if there was no one here to know that it existed?

A similar question is, "What created the thing that created the thing that became the Big Bang."
Supposedly "Time didn't exist before the Big Bang". -Which is contradictory.
Time is just a sequence of events in motion. You can't have Cause without Effect. If Time didn't exist before the Big Bang, then it was never set into motion, and we'd still be waiting for it to happen.


a dog with dyslexia that wanted to rule the world, just couldn't pass the written exam.


There is a predisposition in which we assume everything has a beginning and an end. If there was a God as described, this being does not occupy the same dimensions we do. We are bound by space-time. If we existed outside of space-time, there would be no need for beginnings or ends. The answer would be "no one".


My answer to this question is that God was created by man, since man seems to have defined God. We would have not normally ask this question if someone didn't introduce this idea to us. Instead, the question would be, "Why do we exist?" or "Who created us? or this world?" rather than automatically thinking there may be a god.

Genma Level 3 Jan 1, 2018

Yes, that’s when the religious people will say “Some things are just beyond our understanding...” sigh... As an agnostic I’ve learned to be comfortable with the answer “I don’t know.”

I am always curious about things we will never know. My therapist said I need to stop or i'm just gonna drive myself crazy! xD She said... What if you spent your entire life looking for answers, but you end up with more questions and never have answers to any of them? Mind.. explosion. I said, I guess i'll just never know then!

@AccursedHalo you are young your whole life should be ahead of you... patience... patience... there is a lot more to learn and experience that you can imagine.


We are all made of atoms forged in the bellies of nuclear furnaces cobbled together by evolution and with stable time to ponder and create such the necessity for the supernatural. So, atoms are just trying to understand their creation, and we are less significant. Maybe.


Humans who couldn't understand science.

No, I mean.. If God was real.. and he created humans... who created God? If humans didn't exist before God, how could they have created him?


A vicious circle.

Could you Elaborate on that?

@AccursedHalo I meant the the vicious circle of existential question what came first, the chicken or the egg.


The circular argument of all time.

I have to offer a next possible question: who or what would want to?

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