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I see this as just another way of pushing their dogma on children. One thing a lot of people don't know is that religious groups sponsor people to come here and be a part of their church. When I was working there was a brother, sister from Cambodia who were brought over by the Mormon church. They had nothing to do with the religion but were expected to participate. In one shocking incident my late partner had a mystery child show up at her school. No one knew where this child was from and he spoke little English. After some research a brother was found (18 years old) who spoke English and a parent teacher (my partner) conference was set. A couple showed up (from some African country) and the woman was pregnant and carrying a small child. The man said he was told to send his child to a school and when he saw a school bus he told his child to get on which he did. It was discovered that a church had sponsored the family to immigrate. He had 4 wives and 32 children!! Instead of wives 3 were listed as ‘family members’. Pretty unbelievable but it happens all the time.

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