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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin abused by children so he sues them for elder abuse and fraud.


FrayedBear 9 June 28

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This is why I love dogs so much.

They have been known to eat their owner's faces but the owners probably deserved it.


I LOVE articles like this so when people tell me I'm going to regret not having children I can use this as yet another example of the THOUSANDS of examples I already have.

Buzz would have been better off being child free and enjoying his own life, accomplishments, and money.


Same thing has happened to Stan Lee.

Who is Stan Lee?

He is the man who basically turned Marvel comics in to a major industry leader in the comic books world, co-created spider-man, the Hulk, Ironman and a host of other big name heroes.
He's in his 90s now and had to take out an injunction on his own daughter to stop her systematically robbing him, and then his lawyer found out his carer has been threatening and using his wealth for himself, for years and had to him him arrested too.

where there is money there is always some one wanting it for themselves and too often it is someone who you should be able to trust.

@LenHazell53 I know. I was trained by an organisation here to give talks about it. They threw me out because they did not like my saying they had no interest in helping our locals out in the country and that the worst abusers are the government of whom they were a part but we cannot say that - it's biting the hand that fed - only problem is everything was at my expense not theirs.

@FrayedBear Your question made me cry a little 😟

@SkotlandSkye I was like, WTF, when I saw this question.

@SkotlandSkye Why?... I'm not American, didn't read these comics, don't have TV or read newspapers. Australian newspapers tend to only report Australian politics, sleeze and sport ... perhaps I should have just left it at sleeze.

@FrayedBear I guess I just would have thought back in the 80s when I was buying AC/DC and Men At Work albums that there were teenagers in Australia buying the same comic books I was reading too...

I know that there are ComicCons there now...a friend of mine went to the one in -- I think -- Sydney last year. 🙂

@SkotlandSkye Back in the 80's I was not a teenager but thanks for the compliment. Lol.


how dreadful, to have to defend yourself against treacherous family members - couldn't even imagine it, but good on him.

And getting more prevalent like domestic violence cases.

@FrayedBear, am i blessed, to have no family (at least none in australia)? 😛

@walklightly As I frequently say and no one listens to me "Equally serious abuse is perpetrated by non family members, one of the most serious are governments, money grasping councils, real estate agents, insurance companies, retirement villages, landlords, police, roads and traffic, banks, Mp's and shopkeepers."

@FrayedBear, yes, all the so-called authorities, trying - & mostly successful - to undermine our individual sovereignty. anarchy in its radical (fundamental, non-violent) form is the one method that could work for a society - but mostly people are too afraid for change.

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