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Had the weirdest ass dream during a nap yesterday.

A figure starts forming out of this smoke. It turns into the Capaldi version of The Doctor from Doctor Who.

I'm like what the hell.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Your mind can't comprehend me and turns me into a form that you trust. Now come on!"

He leads me into a TARDIS.

"No, this isn't the real TARDIS. It's your mind again. Someone else might see this as Captain Kirk on The Enterprise. Or a loved one leading them down a road.

"You being there big geek you are, see this."

I look at him. "But why are you here?"

"To help you with your love life."

"Wait! Some weird spiritual being is bothering to help me with my love life?"

"Well, it sure as hell obvious somebody has to!"

And that's all I remember!

OlderMusicGeek 7 June 29

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I'm jealous. What a neat dream.


What a great dream! I love Capaldi’s Doctor best. Too bad it ended before you could take a journey. Maybe next time.


Great dream! That is right up there with Walter Matthau giving me life wisdom as I was taking him to the track. Something on the order of, "Jesus, kid, everybody dies. The trick is to do it before your bookie finds out." For real!! And for what it's worth, that response is totally Peter Capaldi...

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