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Interesting and insiteful. The question becomes, Can we get people who know how a new system should work, educate the rest so that change can be favorable to the people and not the oligarchs?

By dalefvictor7
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Yes and we should band together and demand it.

Just for arguments sake - demand it from whom? Those in office now? Are we going to choose from that which is given us by a national party? Are we going to get local known people who are trusted by those locals to run, win, and then correctly represent us?

@dalefvictor demand it FOR ourselves. I suppose I meant it in more if a "we won't settle for less" sense. Legislators and lawmakers are a good start


A system other than capitalism. The ruling class and oligarchs own the media for a reason.


The answer is yes..

Charlene Level 9 July 3, 2018
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