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Do you vote?
All types of Freethinkers should be all over this.
A lady I worked with took a bunch of my coworkers and me to register to vote when I was in my mid 20s. Before that I didn't want anything to do with it. She said I couldn't bitch about politics if I didn't vote. Bush vs Gore: Out of all of the votes in the country, the election was decided by around 500 votes in Florida!!!! If a few more Democrats had voted for Hillary, we would have Democrat as president. I believe if the Democrats had all come together in 2016 and made Hillary prez nominee and Bernie vp nom we would have kicked you know who's ass. I'm a proud Progressive Democrat. I voted, in the primary in Florida for Bernie, then for Hillary in November. The evangelicals put President Piece Of Shit in office. By not voting, we're letting them spend our tax dollars how THEY want. We're letting them change our laws the way THEY want. And on and on and on. You know who said he will unravel Rowe v. Wade. Are we going to let them do this? Religious folks will make the decisions, not us.

JohnINFP 7 July 5

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Hope we learned our lesson


I always vote.

JK666 Level 7 July 5, 2018

You kick ass!!


Yes, I have voted in every election since age 18.

Hammered my daughter, 28, to vote since she was 18. Each time Claire moved, I emailed the website and deadline to update her address before the next election.

Determined, I sent Claire links to articles about how Republicans are trying to strip women's rights, discriminate against minorities and LGBTQ people, eliminate Pell Grants, ban abortions, destroy clean air and water, allow mining in National Parks, and other atrocities.

"Forward to your friends!" I urged. Claire galvanized 40 young people to vote in every election. Also, I register students I mentor to vote, as well as their parents.

Last April with two Democrat volunteers, we registered 74 high school students to vote during four, one-hour lunch hours. Wenatchee High School staff set up tables and chairs for us to use.

"Register to vote here!" I yelled, waving my arms and jumping up and down with a big smile. "It takes two minutes! The media says you won't vote! Prove them wrong!"

We will do it again in September.

Wow!! You are kicking so much ass!! Love that!! Big THANKS!! Getting young people to vote is so important!! Can you imagine if every Dem were to do what you are? Mind Blown!


Yes, I vote. I taught my sons that voting is thier civic duty, their right & a privilege & not to squander it. They also know if they don't vote, they can't bitch.


I have been voting since I turned 18 in 1972. I vote because my life depends on it and so do others!

Awesome!! I agree! You have kicked so much ass!!


I do not vote: currently I’m in the process of establishing myself and I do not have time to do the necessary research on candidates to make an informed decision. Also just because someone doesn’t vote does not imply somehow that one cannot level criticisms against the current political situation/system. I think a lot of people need to understand that before you can be an established member of the polity, you need to have other ancillary needs taken care of first.


if you are on the3 internet you hav to time to research the canadates

@benhmiller Just because I’m on the internet does not imply that I have the time to do dedicated research on a candidate/policy to form a coherent opinion on either a candidate/policy. Research is much more than reading some sites on the interwebs. If you’re going to form an opinion on a subject you should be prepared to give it the academic treatment it deserves. That is part of the problem we have in the US: barely anyone does any research into a given subject and instead opts to shout over each other rather than have an academic commitment to discourse. I think we can both agree that too much of that takes place already.

Edited: the first sentence for clarity adding in instances of the word policy and candidate.

It does not take that long and you have 4 months. If it takes longer than that something is wrong

@Marine Once you have decided and well informed opinions on various policies yes, that is true: then all that remains is to dig into the history of a candidate and decide. However, this is not the case with me. I am a scientist by nature: that means that I need to consider the nuances of the problem before I come to what I think would be a viable solution. Currently a majority of my intellectual resources are dedicated to solving my own problems such as looking for additional work in order to provide myself with additional financial resources. I have ancillary needs that need to be addressed before becoming a contributing member to the polity. Would you prefer that I blindly vote just for the sake of voting?

@Wavefunction No but not voting also means we can be faced with another trump and that would really be terrible. Just look at the damage he has done in two years.Faced with trump as president for another 4 years should be enough to make some kind of decision.

@Marine What if with my current knowledge I deem that Trump is doing a good job or that he just isn’t as bad a some people assert he is? Would you still insist that I vote even if it would be for Trump? Or would you encourage me not to vote? If you think that I should vote even if it goes against what you’d want, then you’ll have to find a more convincing argument. If you you think that I shouldn’t vote if I would vote for trump, then your interest is simply to use me as a political weapon which I will not do. Until I think that I have a sufficient understanding of political philosophy, then I will continue to abide by my decision to abstain from voting. It’s the responsible thing to do.

@Wavefunction I think it is the responsible thing to do as a citizen. So many do not have an opportunity to select their government. Everyone should vote.

@Marine I understand where you are coming from; however, a wise man does not undertake responsibility that he knows he is not prepared for. There are many other things that I as a citizen can do to improve my country: I can innovate, self-actualize, be productive so that I do not become an additional strain on the system that gave me so much, I can serve in its military, I can levy criticism, I can exercise my rights or choose not to exercise my rights: it is my choice which is truly the beautiful thing about this country.

At the end of the day, I have to clean my room before I worry about other people’s rooms. When I am able to maintain my own affairs and stabilize my life, then I will be able to branch out and perhaps be even more involved in politics than simply voting.


I've voted in every presidential election since I turned 18 yrs old.

Almost the same number of people who voted for Obama in 2012 voted for Hillary in 2016. The Electoral College screwed Democrats again.

You kick so much ass!! I should have started when I was 18 also. At 18 I didn't understand the importance. Dems have got to get awesome presidential candidates and figure out how to win. Dems must run hard offense and defense.

vote in every election for your life!


Yes, vote and vote EVERY election.

For over 30 years now, the religious right has had a systematic campaign to take over local offices (especially school boards) and have an outsized voice in government. They have made the US education system a laughingstock.

In those off-year elections, often less than 1 in 5 eligible voters actually bother to get out and vote. That means the votes of people who do show up count that much more.

Don't just vote; get invoived in local politics. I have served on the library board (there was NO WAY I was going to vote to ban ANY book), and now I am involved with the zoning commission.

Make sure your voice gets heard. Speak up, in the language that matters. Vote.

Ozman Level 7 July 5, 2018

You are kicking so much ass!! So true, what you are saying!!

@JohnINFP We all need to do what we can. Sometimes, the simplest, smallest action is the most important. Often, it's as simple as showing up.


I vote in every election i can

You kick ass!!


I was furious when I found out my mom - who posted daily on Facebook about politics and how awful Trump was and how we had to stand behind Hillary no matter what - was not even registered to vote. Arghhhhh

Hihi Level 6 July 5, 2018

Oh no 😟 I hope she's registered before the midterms and then votes. We need her vote. She can volunteer too. Dems only need to gain 2 senate seats. And a getable # in the house. If so, we could impeach President piece of sh*t

@JohnINFP No - she just quit posting on Facebook because I called her out for being such a hypocrite.

@Hihi We need that vote!


I vote and am fairly active in local politics. We have to be if we want our voices heard.



The godbots really want to replace the Constitution with the buybull

Xena Level 6 July 5, 2018

Yup 😟


gotta vote

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