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'Trump Is Deporting the Troops': Promised Path to Citizenship, Immigrant Recruits to US Military Being Ousted!

"All kinds of immigrants have become less welcome in the U.S. and more vulnerable because of the actions in this administration."

Immigrants who joined the U.S. Army through a program promising U.S. citizenship have been abruptly discharged—likely ruining their chances of naturalization and potentially putting them at risk for deportation.

At least 40 people who joined the Army in recent years through the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest (MAVNI) program, begun in 2008, have been thrown out of the service or been given reason to doubt the safety of their military status in recent days. Many have been given no reason for their discharge, while others have been told that "personal links to relatives living abroad led them to be labeled as security risks," according to the Huffington Post.

MAVNI has recruited tens of thousands of immigrants with special medical or language skills to fill numerous positions the Army was unable to fill with U.S.-born recruits.

In order to obtain the "expedited naturalization" promised by the program, the program stipulates that recruits must be "honorably discharged." According to lawyers for the recruits, who spoke to the Associated Press, the dozens of people who have been turned away from the Army in recent days have been given an "uncategorized discharge."

The Trump administration's policies cracking down on undocumented immigration have drawn outrage, with hundreds of thousands of Americans protesting his "zero tolerance" policy and practice of separating families at the U.S.-Mexico border last weekend.

With grave concern over the administration's treatment of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers already abundant, new attacks on naturalized citizens and those who have been promised future pathways to citizenship are drawing increasing levels of alarm."

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Well I'm a's okay..I've had a parade...
But I also served with those who were not citizens when the joined.
Knew one who retired a SGM in the Army. He even made it a point to show me his US Passport.
Had a guy in my Guard unit. Smart guy. Went and check his scores on his ASVAB to see why he ended up a clerk. A lot of recruiters just fill slots. Some do try to put people in slots that they have the scores for. But that all said I have come across a guy who was sent to cooks school and had the scores for MI.
Anyway, I wanted to see what his scores were.
Well they were very good. But...
He was not a US Citizen when he joined. He became one two years in his enlistment.
Thing is, due to security reasons, and this has been a rule for have to be a US Citizen to get a clearance. From Confidential on up.
So while he did qualify test wise for a more challenging job...he could not a clearance.
Standards change all the time with the military.
Prior to Iraq, you could have minor infractions with the law but too many and you could not join. Same with tattoos...
Well Bush and company needed warm bodies...dropped the standards and there you go. After the government did not need so many warm bodies...they cut them loose.
My take on this is to create an American version of the French Foreign Legion.
After 5 years with the French Foreign Legion you are given the chance to take French citizenship.
But in those 5 years you will march and fight for France...maybe even die.
I'd do that here in the USA.
In five years you keep your nose clean you can get your citizenship.
And then you can go join another US Service if you like.
That way, people like Cadet Heels Spurs, or Mr. MY DADDY IS A CONGRESSMEN...don't have to worry nor does mommy and daddy that their little darling will get drafted.
Mind you, I am for the return of the draft...
We might not find ourselves getting into things like Iraq.....Or still bogged down in the Afgahn after all these years.
You know that in the Afgahn the US has a butt load of contractors over there, right? Like in excess of 20,000.

ssgchester Level 4 July 12, 2018

The cartoon is BRILLIANT!


A lot of this going around these days. We're shooting ourselves in the foot(-ish). So many immigrants fulfill really vital roles in our society and no one seems to realize that we're likely to experience collapse of many industries without them.

It's sad and awful but I am a little hopeful that we'll begin to recognize and respect the roles these people in making our lives work. Do you like to eat? Thank Jose and Maria because they apent 16 hour days growing and harvesting your food for terrible wages. Like having a standing army? Again thank an immigrant, they fill out the ranks of our military. The list goes on and on.
Maybe some day we'll appreciate what these people do for us and treat them accordingly.Depressing it might take them being shunted out of the country for that to happen.


Of all the things Trump has done so far, this one ranks right at the top. A radio commentator in my town mentioned this today with the words, The recruits were promised citizenship for their service. So they agreed and joined and now told to hit the road? That is a broken promise. A moral person does not break promises made in good faith.


The Army can barely maintain their numbers and Cadet Bonespurs thinks NOW is the time to tell so many to pack their bags? When I was in the Navy, most of our admin support was provided by Phillipinos and 2nd gen Americans. Gonna be a huge, horrible, unnecessary change their way to suit the Orange One's need for chaos.

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