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What can be done about over perception so one could have a moment of peace?

Doodlestein 2 July 9

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I find cooking is a great help. Ordinary cooking. Music or radio in the background. A few alcoholic drinks from time to time. No idea whether weed would help or make things worse. Walking is great for mood improvement. I think the main idea is to slow things down.


Not sure what you mean about "over perception". If you mean being overwhelmed by sensory inputs, that is something that bothers some people more than others. I am one who tends toward that issue occasionally ... especially when fatigued and put outside my introvert's comfort zone. I do not for example like noisy environments like bars or clubs or even some restaurants, particularly when trying to have a conversation; I can't separate the foreground noise from the background noise very well. The simple solution is avoidance, but this isn't always feasible. The other thing I try to do is to arrange my life when possible so that I'm rested going into such situations, and have some upper limit where possible on the amount of time committed to it.

It's possible my mother had similar issues because she used to say, "I wish I were in peace instead of pieces".


Right now l am searching for a moment of PIECE!

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