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Carlin said it better than anyone.

By eyespop
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I still miss him.

gsiamne Level 7 July 11, 2018

Tell people there's an invisible man in the sky and they'll believe you...tell them the paint is wet and they have to touch it for themselves to see.

Maverick Level 3 July 11, 2018

He is truly missed...an Atheist who could make religious jokes and get away with it!

DarwinistOne Level 7 July 11, 2018

I still miss him. One of the true greats!

craige Level 4 July 11, 2018

IIRC that was the last time he did a stand-up recorded when he was alive. I believe it was called "It's Bullshit, and It's Bad for You". He was the funniest man that ever lived! "I became a Sun Worshiper. Just like that overnight. Well, not overnight. you can't see the sun at night. But the next morning... But I don't pray to the Sun. I pray to Joe Peshi. It's amazing what he can do with a simple basball bat!" lol I love how theists make memes with him in it. He was definately an athiest.

TheGreatShadow Level 8 July 11, 2018

his voice is so deep, I could hear it while I was reading this!! LOL

vmedel Level 6 July 11, 2018

........but he lovessss youuu..... LOL now i remember his face when he said that..

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