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About recycling: I'm guilty that I'm not a Earth conscious person. Don't preach to me how important the Earth is. I know, in my own apathetic way. While I am careful about what I put in water, or the air, I've not thought myself much of a recycle conscious type. We have a recycle program in my town, but I don't know how to use it. And it seems too cumbersome to participate in. When I'm at Wholefoods for lunch, it's too time consuming to read the rather detailed instructions about what bin to throw what in. I'm sure I make mistakes with that. But after confessing all of my recycle shame, and after thinking about it I've realized that I have not purchased plastic garbage bags in many many years. I reuse grocery bags for the garbage and even use them for lunch. I don't purchase plastic sandwich/lunch bags either. I reuse the grocery store vegetable/fruit bags. I reuse all plastic food containers for re-storing food. I wash laundry in cold water and I air dry about 60% of my laundry. I reuse old worn out dish sponges on car cleaning or cleaning the bathroom before they're finally tossed in the garbage. I have yard sales to recycle stuff I don't want anymore and I make a couple of bucks doing it. And I've sent clothes I don't wear anymore back home to my sisters and mom to sift through. So, while I may not see myself as an ecology-minded person, I find in my admitted frugality that I do help out in small ways. And you probably do too when you think about it.

LilAtheistLady 7 July 11

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Frugal and eco friendly are close cousins. What you are doing already helps. Single bin recycling makes things easier. I'm surprised Albuquerque doesn't have that.


You seem to be doing better than you think.
The hierarchy is,

  1. reduce
  2. re-use
  3. recycle.

So recycling is the least important and least effective.
If we all did it that way, their would be less recycling necessary/possible.


I think you are doing fine in your own way but it seems to be bothering you that you do not do more. Well for one thing it only takes one time to read and pay attention to the so called "bothersome" bits.


Everybody gets 3 bins here, for garbage, recycle and biodegradable. I'm not completely sure what is recyclable either. But I use them fastidiously and my 2 boys, when they still lived with me, thought I was over the top. The local shop gives me funny looks when I 'bring my canvas bags to the supermarket' as Tim Minchin insists.
I think it's because I read James Lovelock's book about Gaia. The thing is, though, Lovelock said it too late to avoid the pollution of the earth - that we had already done the damage and the earth cannot recover. I'm sure he knows what he's talking about but I'm going to carry on in denial anyway.

  1. great job!
  2. ANYTHING you can do is enough.
  3. we all only have so many spoons/energy per day
  4. in the US things will get better, however, the future prediction people think we will be digging up our trash to reuse it.

keep up the the work...dump the guilt.

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