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A compilation of studies in today's BBC news indicates at least 8 non-African sites (Europe and Asia) with tools or human fossils dating more than a million years. This upsets traditional theories of dispersal of hominids from Africa (traditionally believed to be about forty,sixty and more recently a hundred and twenty thousand years ago).

What will they discover next? Evidence of intelligent non-terrestrial life on our planet tens of millions (or more) years ago?
. As old dispersal theories fall by the wayside, hubris
of senior paleontologists will have to take a hit.

soquel 6 July 11

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I assume that this is one example of the stories you alluded to: []. This doesn't challenge the "out of Africa" theory as that refers to modern homo sapiens who weren't around at the time that these tools were produced. It does change the range of human (homo sapiens) ancestors and gives them a presence in China 400,000-500,000 years earlier than previously known.


Modern humans or humanoids? Cause many of our evolutionary cousins and ancestors used tools. Humanoids have been leaving Africa for a couple million years now. We also have observed other primates living today using tools, so it's not really a huge surprise.

Are you actually suggesting intelligent aliens visited Earth ages ago? Or was that sarcasm?

No, not at all

@soquel Two different questions there. You think Earth was visited by aliens? That these aliens gave us knowledge?

It's anthropomorphically an act of hubris to not look back eons and eons in a time frame which is much longer than we can imagine and not have had visitation, if not residence on this unusually beautiful planet with a vast array of flora and fauna.

For more direct examples find out about structures under the ice of Antarctica of an ancient group, the Builder Race, who resided there many millions of years ago. Us gov't has a full array of alien DNA and the overlap with ours is striking.


I was comfortable with the Africa story. I had this notion of the exit from Africa in a constant north-easterly direction until they all ended up in Sumer, blossomed into farmers and started thinking an awful lot about everything. Maybe lots of people went north or north-west and got to Spain and Italy long before the barricades were set up in Ceuta and Melilla.


According to Stephen Hawkins , we are made of stardust . According to a paper someone posted online , B- blood type was not original to this planet , and was introduced relatively recently . Therefore , I qualify as an alien . No wonder it's next to impossible to find a partner .

Im AB think how hard it is for me

@Smartwoman You must have some alien blood in your DNA history.

@soquel well that explains it

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