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Watching the Strozk hearings!
What a full crock of shit of how the republicans have become the Fascist trying to misuse the law to force their incredibly insane agenda against the people of this country!
These Fascists do not even remotely know how parliamentary procedures are use and practiced in hearings, hence how would they be able to abide by the US Constitution an the “Bill of Right” under the rule of law?
Simply answer they republican are fascists that are incapable and not willing to serve or protect the people of this country in a moral ethical fashion to which they are elected by us!

We must Vote to remove these cowards which do not uphold or are capable of serving the very individuals who elected them!

of-the-mountain 8 July 12

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That's because 'Rule of Law' in the US has been suspended by the Republican Party since 20JAN17

N7EIE Level 6 July 12, 2018
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