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It is stupid to underestimate the power of stupidity.

evidentialist 8 July 15

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As the sage once observed, "Make something idiot-proof and the world will build a better idiot." 😛


I can't help thinking a huge part of the world population is stupid. That's in terms of IQ. Stupidity, like cleverness, has its benefits as well as problems. The downside of wisdom is articulated well in the Bible, Ecclesiastes 1:18:

For with much wisdom comes much sorrow, and as knowledge grows, grief increases.

We need to be fair about this. The power of intelligent people to cause havoc is huge too. Historically, I don't know which side does the most harm. Another point I would raise in defense of stupid people is that they are probably entitled to be dumb. If you're born dumb, that's the luck of the draw.

Stupid in this sense is not referencing those who are slow of wit. I would never denigrate anyone who is however they are as a result of genetics. No, this 'stupidity' refers to those who are willfully ignorant and/or should know better for they are indeed dangerous.

@evidentialist I looked back at my comment. Preachy. Sorry, I wasn't being judgemental. Just thinking out loud. Were you thinking of some group in particular or just people in general?

@brentan -- I was busily painting miniatures with a broom.


I think in some cases underestimating the power of stupidity is just being optimistic.


Agreed !

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