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I am an atheist. I am a runner. Running gives me purpose, satisfaction, and hapiness.
Running gives me a way to relieve stress and keeps me in shape.
Any other running atheists in here?

Erick67 6 July 15

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Since 21, I have been hiking (my passion), running and weightlifting. These are my mainstays.

Running feels like I'm flying!

"Don't you know how to stroll?" men ask as we walk on the riverfront trail. Apparently not.


I love running! I’m recovering from an injury though but can’t wait to get back into it!


Yes. I have done several 5k - 10k events over the years. My activity has been more limited due to knee and back issues, but I am beginning to get back into it a bit.

palex Level 6 July 15, 2018

Too old now, but I remember the joy of running. It was that feeling, after much struggling and breathlessness at first, of finding the power in my legs, making me feel a bit like a superman.


Not yet but I'm hoping to start soon! I have heard it has therapeutic benefits and I could use that right now

It does!


More of a fitness nut and trail runner currently recovering from getting hit by a dude texting and driving, but running is good.

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