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What do you make of the many UFO sightings this last year? []

Earthling50 6 July 15

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I'm all about the metadata - the indirect pieces of information that go with the message. Seems to me that most of the witnesses are a little sketchy, the types susceptible to conspiracies, drunk, not fully paying attention, not exactly critical thinkers. Some of the 'observers' are selling hype. Not to discount the possibility of the phenomenon, there could well be third group, who actually do witness the an event, but are leery of being tossed into the other 2 categories, so they would keep their mouths shut and seriously contemplate the event.


Take me. Take me. Please.

Where would you like to go?

That's what she said last night (in my dreams).


The changes in the laws involving weed nation wide?

Huh?? are you high on somethanng?

@Earthling50 Let me check...........yes.


I don't believe it all. We won't see a UFO until the Anunnaki return.

OK you got me on that one so I had to look it up ...thanks!


Here's my favorite NDT video on the subject. It's very entertaining.

Best video ever! Thnx!
Seems too many in society have a wild imagination or are hallucinating.

But it's true! I saw this documentary on abductions once:


When I can't explain something, I don't automatically explain it with "God." When I see something strange in the sky I don't automatically explain it with "alien life."

gearl Level 7 July 15, 2018

You have a good sense of humor! 🙂

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