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And so the American disease infects Australia:

FrayedBear 9 July 16

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In Ireland at the moment, we still have the usual feral gangs of Irish teenagers who may have some of the immigrant youth with them. The U.K. deals with immigrant gangs that have more insidious objectives than just mindless violence. The British media does its damnest to silence anyone bringing this out into the open. Our media, of course, plays down our immigrant problems too. So each situation needs to be judged independently. The problem is finding media that tells the truth.


I don't understand having read that article from beginning to end, and having seen the facsimiles I can see no mention of race, the word black, ethnicity or anything else in the fliers.
The only subcultural reference is Youth.
However the petition itself in calling to have the flier withdrawn and apologised for, seems to imply several times that ALL gangs are made up of black youth, that all crime is a product of black gangs.

In short if there is any supposed or construed racism here it is within the petition, not in the object of their displeasure.
If I am under informed or have been misrepresented to, I would appreciate the rest of the data, but on the information presented, this would seem to be the case.




American disease?? I understand getting thirsty after taking all those bong hits, but perhaps you shouldn't drink from the bong.. just saying...


Apex gangs do exist, even over here in Perth and are predominantly African in origin. They have been a subculture in Perth for 15 years or more. They are inherently violent and have absolutely no regard for the law. The issue here is Islam, not race. As part Aboriginal I know all too well about stereotypes and racism. However, if a certain group of society, regardless of race or religion, continues to rebuff society and its status quo...its needs to addressed.


Sorry to say , this disease neither originated nor is limited to the US .

Correct but the US has been one of the better purveyors over the last 300 years.

Consider the Crusades . There were twelve of those , long before the US existed . And since this mentioned Australia , do please remember how the British treated the aboriginals .

@Cast1es Never forget nor the origins of America and the treatment of its first peoples.

@FrayedBear So very true . And still today , I am ashamed how they are being treated over the oil pipeline coming through the States from Canada . The pipeline was originally planned for a different route , but is now crossing their only source of water , they protested , the ," authorities ," were sent , and battled the protesters , the pipeline was run through their water source anyhow , and there have already been multiple leaks . This is so very wrong .



Interesting that this is out of 'cultural' godbothering Victoria and not northern Bjelke / Hanson boganville.


thanks for distributing this here. signed & shared.

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