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Good morning you good people. I am about to go forth and kick Monday's ass. Who's with me?

ProudMary 8 July 16

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Already kicked it, now my toe hurts.

Nope, was hoping you would volenteer.

If the will is there yoou can accomplish anything. LOL

Get on your broomstick and fly my Angel, fly.

And so you should be ?


I admire your confidence. Monday would always frighten and depress me. Coffee was the only weapon I had in my arsenal so I was under-equipped. I'm told that eating a protein-rich breakfast is a must to get you through the day. But confidence might be the very best thing!

@ProudMary Smart move. I alway went out with coffee only (coffee and a smoke before I quit). All nerves and no fuel. I would head off to work running on empty and start to fade about mid-morning. It wasn't fair to my employer but my stomach could never a breakfast after my smoking years.

Who's ?

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