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Last night and this morning before going to bed and leaving for work respectively I went and checked on an empty room, realizing once I got there that it's not my night.

MFAtheist 7 July 16

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Your perspective also is a big part of how you feel! look at it a little bit differently, he's got two parents a lot of kids don't have that... my daughter's father was never involved as a matter of fact they only seen each other face-to-face twice in her life! It is way better for him to have her involved and to feel love from both parents! Perspective...


It does get easier, but it takes time.

Fornax Level 5 July 16, 2018

Therapy is a big help.

@MFAtheist Yes it is. Talking with caring people, no matter how far away is always a help.

@Fornax This site has been a testament (ughh) to that.


Not my night to have my daughter overnight. Sorry I wasn't specific.


You just wanted to be sure it was still there .


"Wot you talking about, Willis"


Not your night for what ?

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