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Would you consider a relationship with a sex-bot? Any particular advantages or disadvantages?

MsDemeanour 8 July 17

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Might be interesting , at least to try !

If he didn't mow the lawn and put the garbage out it would be a deal breaker for me.

@MsDemeanour I don't need a robot - or a man, to do that !

@evergreen I can't see the point of one unless he has multiple purposes

@MsDemeanour I wouldn't want him around too much though ... <smile>

@evergreen I hear ya


No. Not even the little sex toys! It just seems wrong. I can't say for sure what it is that I think is wrong. Could it be I believe flesh and plastic don't go together? Or (God forbid) I still think a god looking down on my strange shenanigans would disapprove?

perhaps you want an equal relationship. A best friend.

@MsDemeanour You bet! Someone to talk to inbetween sex would be nice. And the inbetween periods are getting longer!

@brentan I look back and think of the times we just talked after sex. Such intimacy. I think I quite liked those times just as much or more than the sex. It will be 19 yrs since my love died. I've had a couple of relationships since then but no one has come close. I'm happy tho. Happy to have had such a wonderful relationship if only for a few short years. Some people never have that. In 8 yrs of marriage he did manage to give me 4 sons, so I am very very lucky.

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