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Anybody ever watch Moral Orel? I asked this before, but it is a hilarious stop action cartoon that spoofs xstianity:

JohnnyThorazine 7 Jan 6

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Yep, love it. I love most odd/quirky cartoons.


Absolutely love it! It is a take-off on the old Lutheran Davy and Goliath cartoons I used to watch as a kid. I actually see Davy and Goliath as being a good show for kids if you just remove all the god crap. Morel Orel is sort of different. It calls attention to morel issues (though you have to think about it) while criticing and ridiculing christianity.


Yeah, pretty clever and well done show.


It is one of my favourite cartoons of all time.


You got to love the twisted humor


I saw it once and was traumatized lol this was soooo long ago. I really wasn't I tho it was pretty funny.


This was big on adult swim in the early 2000s of I recall correctly. I remember watching it when it was airing. Clever if not a bit low brow at times.

that's evangelical humor for ya...low'en'brow...

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