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Should everyone read / study the bible ? I think so ! I have ! They say that " those who study parts of it become believers and that those who study all of it become atheists "
I think thats fairly accurate . I know that for me , the revelation of the old testament was that it was mostly a book about continuos tribal warfare that we just shouldnt really care much about
the main thing that I took from the new testament was that when ya consider that the 4 gospels are all virtually the same though they still manage to contradict each other ...that there really isnt much information about Jesus in the book , mostly just Paul's church-building enterprise in the name of the jesus guy and then the book of revelations is some seriously trippy shit ! The end !

Scottzillyun 6 July 18

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I mean, if you're taking an active role in combating religion, then you should know your topic. If not, there isn't much of a point. Have you read the Qur'an and every other religious text? If I am going to read a religious text just out of curiosity, I am going to make an effort to read them all. I'm not taking an active role in combating religious texts, so I am not going to waste my time reading them. I'd rather read another fictional book, most likely a science fiction.


If you want to save some time, check out It covers most topics quite well.


Whether we like or not: no other text has influenced our (Western) culture more than the Bible. Every person with some education under their belt should have read at least the book "Genesis" as well as the NT. Homer or Plato are optional, but not the core parts of the bible.

Matias Level 8 July 18, 2018

I think that everyone should have a basic grasp of Christianity and its pervasive influence on art and culture, and that includes a basic grasp of the Bible. I don't necessarily think they have to read it cover to cover or delve into theology, but they should have basic literacy on the topic. I think some serious study of comparative religions is helpful too, particularly in understanding history and the evolution of human thought.


I would recommend a few hours being spent listening to Christina Hayes' free YouTube lectures on the Hebrew Scriptures. The lectures come from Yale University, I think. When you get the jist of what's happening in the book, you can decide how detail you want to read.

What was your take on whats happening in the book ?

@Scottzillyun The gist of it is a people who are lost in every sense of the word when they feel their god has deserted them and left them enslaved in places like Babylon. They had to create a national story to keep them together and survive as a separate people. This started about 650 BC, I think. There two strands to the story - the priestly and the scribe - forgive me if memory serves me badly. That first shows up in the two different accounts of creation. Looking at the stories as written in the 7th century BC to create a past rather than document the past is the angle taken in the Yale lectures.


How about using that time to volunteer somewhere instead a Frittering away your life?

Ya are silly arent ya and cranky and not very fun or informative to talk to arent ya .
I did just block someone else for being like that .
Why learn math or spelling or language or anything at all when ya could be volunteering somewhere ? Blah blah blah .
Why try to understand something that has had such a grip on humanity ?
Now , I give your statement a tiny bit of credibility if I am willing ( which I shoulnt have to be ) to venture off into ' what you didnt say but might mean ' which Im assuming might be related to the common xian notion of studying the bible being a very repetitious chore that never ends.
But to me , studying , in this context , isnt a permanent continuos burden , more like studying a map as ya drive through a strange place and then not needing to do that any more after youve left that particular strange place .

@Scottzillyun oooohhhhh, the "block" threat, again. yawn


my fave verse is proverbs 13:3.
i don't like to read much so i'm going to pass on reading the whole thing. i'll wait till the movie comes out....again...and then probably wait for the next one

Those who guard their lips preserve their lives, but those who speak rashly will come to ruin.

I like that verse because it focuses on a certain type of talk. I hate all those other ones going on about the more talk, the more sinning you'll do.Then keeping quiet became secular wisdom too so now it's safer to stick on a pair of headphones than talk.


Seminary destroyed my christianity

What happened?

@brentan studying religious history and the mental gymnastics scholars have gone through to justify violating the fairly good standards in the NT showed me it's all BS

@educatedredneck Good for you for not accepting it.

@brentan I drank the kool aid for nearly 21 years, wasted life man

@educatedredneck I suppose we wouldn't get to think of our years as wasted if we had never woke up to what was happening at all. I can only feel comfortable about wasted years and wrong decisions by putting a value on how it has formed the way I think today. And it is a hard but sobering truth for me to think that it simply had to be that way because if it had been some other way, it couldn't have been me.

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