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Someone recently asked about preferred songs at our funerals or final send-offs. This is my pick, the instrumental coda of "Layla" by Derek & the Dominoes, as used (twice) in Martin Scorsese's "GoodFellas," one of my all-time favorite movies:

SonofMax 7 July 19

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“Where ever I may roam” by Metallica would be a fitting song for me.


Bruce Cockburn's Pacing the Cage, Jackson Brown's All Good Things, and Queen's Who Want to Live Forever (Instrumental)


Gustav Holst’s Jupiter ‘“bringer of jollity” from the Planet suite.and Dare to Live by Laura Pausini and Andrea Boccelli amongst others.


I think its a good choice, with its flights and returns, allowing the listeners to think what they wish about aspiration, spirit or whatever might come to mind.

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