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Forty-nine years ago on July 20, 1969, humanity stepped foot on another celestial body and into history. Mission Commander Neil Armstrong documented the lunar mission and snapped this image of Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin, as he carried the Passive Seismic Experiments Package (in his left hand) and the Laser Ranging Retroreflector (in his right) to the deployment area. These two experiments made up the Early Apollo Scientific Experiment Package. This photograph was taken at Tranquility Base in our Moon's Mare Tranquillitatis, or Sea of Tranquility.

Original film magazine was labeled S. Film Type: Ektachrome EF SO168 color film on a 2.7-mil Estar polyester base taken with a 60mm lens. Sun angle is sedium. Tilt direction is South (S).

Image Credit: NASA


OlderMusicGeek 7 July 20

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Please don’t fall for that idiotic conspiracy theory! Of course we made it to the moon and back!


I wonder was America so disheartened at Russia's successes in space that they counterfeited the landing on the moon. I'm suspicious because they have never made a return visit.


So sad the magic and excitement about space travel has been drowned out! My first significant space memory was the Columbia disaster, 5th grade watching a tv in the classroom

As with so many other aspects of the US government, it’s a back & forth - fits & starts non-cohesive problem due to political polarization … with NASA in the middle..


if the rich had not gotten the poor Christians in the way....just think where we would be right now.


Hopefully they'll use the 50th to announce some major new project, though i doubt it.

Salo Level 7 July 20, 2018

Yes. After that ‘one small step for a man’ … Loved it 🙂 “Magnificent desolation”...

Varn Level 8 July 20, 2018

I was in 9th grade I think. We were all gathered in a big army tent set up with tv's. I was a Boy Scout and we're st Court d'Laine, Id. It was international Boy Scout Jamboree, and I was there representing my troop. It was an amazing day.

t1nick Level 8 July 20, 2018

I will never forget when Neil Armstrong went to take his first step (right foot) but few inches before reaching the ground he stopped... move the foot back towards the ship ladder and, then, proceeded to take that famous first step.

I was at the portland international raceway watching dragsters! They actually stopped the races and put ‘the landing’ over the PA system … wow.. Think we’re around the same age … but I only did cub scouts 😉

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