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Getting in your jammies early this evening, intent on watching a good movie? Here are some I recently watched and enjoyed very, very much:

"The Feels" (2018 ) lesbian theme, great acting
"Fracture" (2007) Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling; taut thriller
"Blue Jasmine" (2013) Academy Award for Cate Blanchett in title role
"Peace, Love & Misunderstanding" Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener

Happy watching! Don't forget the popcorn!

RobLawrence 7 July 20

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I saw Fracture already...very good. Liked that one.


I think he's able to personify anything really..but I take your point for sure..


Ready when you are Officer Pemberton...



Thanks for the heads up....


Thanks, I'll search for them on demand!

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