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For s group that doesn't believe in gods or don't know one way or the other, there is a lot of talk about gods or particularly, God. Any ideas why?

Geoffrey51 8 July 22

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As an atheist/ skeptic, I find it depressing that so many people devote so much time to religion and spirituality trying to appease imaginary beings or living by ridiculous arbitrary rules. I discuss god(s) when the subject comes up, only to reiterate that without evidence one way or the other the default position is that there is no supernatural world.

JimG Level 8 July 22, 2018

New people such as myself sought out this group because we need companionship, support, validation even. Some have been through difficult situations losing the support of the religious community they one belonged to, rifts with parents and friends; Even problems with spouse or children.

We also sometimes need to clear our minds, to come to grips with what we believe or do not believe and discussing things with others can help with that.

I hope that long time members will supportive and help us through our adjustment period. I have this community to be very supportive and helpful. Thank you all.


I find that it is often new members who frequently bring up the issue of gods, angels, ghosts, astrology, etc. I really don’t see those topics started by long-term members, probably because it’s been discussed ad nauseum already.


Just my thought seems to me a lot of us are still surrounded by sky cat believers IRL and many come here to vent about same. There are some who have been severely affected by the swirly eyed god mongers.
It vexes me too at times but I get it. We're pretty much an island so when I'm around those who are ardent believers it's quite a shock to me, so a lot of us can't escape the lovers of myth.

Qualia Level 8 July 22, 2018

Are you saying atheists are bring up god in conversation to spark a debate? Because if so I would think that is only natural seeing that God is the reason we are atheist. If it is actual theists, then I would think they would be on this site to try and convert atheists to the good ol teachings of our good Lord Jesus Christ. It's just like atheists going on to theist sites trying to convince them there is no God.

Jjones Level 4 July 22, 2018

I do it because I think gods are an older expression of our pschology.


Possibly because the larger society does believe, continues to put us down and mock us for our belief system. The larger predominate culture tries to overwhelm us and it can get traumatic at times. People who come on here need to vent about that unpleasant experience and also seek out better responses to those who demean us. Also part of it is likely seeking out a bit of a reassuring group hug from time to time.


Sadly, this group has a sprinkling of theists that pollute what one would think would be a zone free from faith (belief without evidence asserted as facts).

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