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I survived my first week back at work. A lot of brain flexing but I like the place

btroje 9 July 22

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That helps when you love your job. Have fun no matter what.




I don't like to say I told you but I did, didn't I? I knew you would be fine

I left out the part about the day I thought I was having a heart attack

@btroje naaahhhhh..... You will succeed with flying colors. Why do I know? I just know....simple ?

@IamNobody serious I was in the ER about 2 hours. something else

@btroje oh sorry, I hope everything is ok

@IamNobody it is 🙂


very cool. glad to hear you like it!


enjoy the learning curve... ride that baby! Great job and congrats!

Lukian Level 8 July 23, 2018

Yay!. Happy for you and well done 🙂


I knew you could! Congratulations!

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