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Holy Hell now I remember why the only people on my grandmother's side that I ever deal with are my grandma and my uncle shorty.

That side of the family is just unbearably self centered, narcissistic, and closed off.

His memorial/funeral was more like a birthday party, not one person outside my great aunt Linda even spoke to us even though we were closer to Shorty than anyone there.

Shorty always said he felt like a burden to his kids, and even though he wanted nothing more than to spend time with them, they were always doing their own things.

Now I see why they made him feel so alone.

They all huddled together with their friends, talking and laughing, while mom, grandma, and great aunt Linda sorted through over 2 thousand pictures to make sure everyone could take the ones they wanted (literally none of them looked through the photos at all), and the only person that actually talked to us was a granddaughter of uncle shorty who didn't grasp the idea of death yet.

Aunt such an uppity bitch too. She has been such a high class SNOB since her first husband died and made her a millionaire.

Every time my autistic brother would speak to someone she would give an exasperated sigh, roll her eyes, look at me, and whisper "he needs to stop talking to people. He's making every one uncomfortable!"

He was literally just introducing himself politely. I was watching him and could hear what he was saying and not one person seemed 'uncomfortable'. But she's always, as long as I've known her, been a "children should be seen and not heard lock them in a closet" kind of woman.

When I was little I looked up to her because she was so successful I wanted to be successful like her, but as I grew older it became clearer and clearer that....she's just a total cunt. However at least she didn't ignore us like shortys spawn.

So tonight I'm staying at my great great aunt Joyces house. She's on my mom's father's side. That side of the family has always been awesome. Everyone there is family oriented and just genuine southern hospitality. No one ever leaves without at least three plates of food in their tummy and all the love you could ever want.

Funny how the family that spawned the gambling addict alcoholic (who was amazing once his grand baby was born, but before was a wife beater) is so much closer and more kind than the family that spawned the two genuine great people.

It breaks my heart my uncle had to have those people for his close family. It's clear now why he was so depressed.

But I loved him enough for all of those uncaring brats and I hope he knew that.

Aaaanyway, it's a long trip back in the morning, and I'm on a limited data plan in the boonies, so I'll talk to y'all tomorrow night.

By LadyAlyxandrea8
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I think now would be a good time to tell your aunt Linda what a snooty uppity bitch she is. Sorry for the loss of your uncle

brownH50 Level 6 July 26, 2018

Drive safely, remember the good times, forget the bad. Get on with your life and respect yourself. You are special treat yourself that way.


I like the way you write, it has a nice flow to it.

Hitchens Level 8 July 26, 2018

P.s I have a feeling he knew you loved him. People sense these things, you don't always need to spell it out.


That sounds so stressful. Glad you ended the day around loving people.

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