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Real problem with religious believers

Dushyant 4 July 26

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The xtians do this all the time.


That is a silly caricature and it is not true.
There are hundreds of prohibitions and commandments in Judaism, but Jews do not expect Gentiles to observe them. Same applies to Hinduism with its many prescriptions for every caste, or Buddhism, -- even Muslims do not expect non-Muslims to fast during Ramadan or go on the Hajj once in a lifetime, and so on...

Is liberal humanism a religion? Yuval Noah Harari thinks so.

Because liberal humanists are doing what they reproach to religious believers : they invented "human rights" and now they go around lecturing the whole world about "human rights" taking it for granted that they are universal and should be recognized by everybody everywhere...
Yes, I think Yuval Harari is right: Liberal humanism is a kind of (secular) religion (as well as Communism or Nazism)

Matias Level 8 July 26, 2018
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