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No prayers but some nice thoughts might cheer me up. I have a student that was in my very first 10th grade class two years ago. I knew right off that she had serious health issues as she's the only child I've ever gotten a 504 file on that included a DNR order (if she collapsed in school, we were to call 911, but neither us nor EMS were to perform CPR.) She had collapsed in church at the age of 5 and had managed to stay alive due to two heart transplants...but she was rejecting the most recent heart and was not eligible for another transplant. I spent the 2nd half of that year homeschooling her, because she no longer had the energy to come to school. I dreaded showing up one day to home school her while her family was out and about and possibly finding her gone. Last year, we home schooled for a few months, but then she ended up in a medically induced coma because her other organs started to shut down. This year, she's back out of the hospital, but on hospice care. I continue to home school her once per week and via Google Classroom, even though she's not got enough credits due to missing most of last year, to graduate with her class this year. She's not going to graduate, she's never been able to drive a car, or go on a date, or attend extracurricular activities. I knew from the beginning that I was going to attend this child's funeral one day, and it looks like that day is coming soon. I didn't think it would upset me this much, because I know she's had a life full of suffering and pain and she's tired and ready for her family to let her go....and yet I can't stop crying that such a smart, lovely young lady never got to really LIVE because medicine just did not have the answers she needed. 😟

MsOliver 7 Jan 9

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Do you think (or know) if she believes in god/heaven/eternity?
A hard thing any which way. Hopefully she knows that you cared. Maybe at her service you can share a sweet story about her as a student.
There are a lot of Native American quotes that have great messages about life and death.


That's so sad... but yet you stayed with her till the end and helped. That's very beautiful.


My hero teacher and inspiring student will to live and learn. ...Maybe the movie LORENZO's OIL can be a hopeful catharsis Nick Nolte & Susan Sarandon "cure" Myelin nerve sheath bio-chemical deficiency with rapeseed oil diet TRUE STORY of one boy who did not die a horrible death. ...if we spent money on life instead of trillions borrowed for terrorizing deadly weapons real answers could be found to imperfect bodily problems


Sad. It definitely pains. But, science is doing its part. Hopefully in near future it will have some answer. 😟


That just sucks. Hope she rest comfortably.


I'm so sorry. Thank you for being a light in her life & for all you do for all your students.

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