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Been watching "National Geographic The Greeks Episode 3: Chasing Greatness." It tells of the Persian invasion, and Democracy fighting Tyranny. The Persian tyrants were the super-power of the day, and the Greek democracies beat them with a much smaller force. The documentary concludes that people in democracies fight with more conviction than pawns of tyrants. If this conclusion is valid for the Greeks thousands of years ago, then we have a great opportunity to kick Trump and the criminals out of Washington.

EdEarl 8 July 27

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Only if we banish them to prison for their natural days!

Prison for them sounds good to me.


This "Democracy vs. Tyranny" is Western ethnocentrism. The Spartans were the most militaristic fascists in history. The Athenians were murderous to the conquered. Look up the history of the Peloponessian Wars to see how the Athenians treated the people they conquered, e.g. Melos. The Persian Empire was actually more lenient in its treatment of the conquered compared to empires before. They allowed limited self-rule for example. Apart from racism, one reason to continue promoting this mistaken stereotype is to demonize Iran, the inheritor of Persia. Athens and Melos...[]

The US was brutal to the Native Americans. The Brits were brutal to other natives. The Dutch, Chinese, Turks, Germans, etc. have been brutal to others. It isn't right, but it isn't the reason I mentioned the Greeks.

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