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The all new born babies are atheist before cheating them

abarcopy 4 July 31

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They're probably atheist at birth because of original sin, according to at least Catholicism. I think that's why their parents want them baptised as soon as possible.


Do you mean robbing them of their right to figure life out on their own? If so, I agree. I wasn’t ruined by religion, and thank my parents for guiding me enough, yet not too much…

Hey, Iran, really?

Varn Level 8 July 31, 2018



Upon what evidence do you base that claim?

skado Level 9 July 31, 2018

That’s a very reasonable assumption, but evidence seems to say otherwise according to this biologist:

coz at first they don't know anything about Islam or christian or hendo but by the time they become muslim christian and ... up on their parents blifes also they don't know anything about god or some questions that we don't have any answer about it and simply we say that's related to Gods power

@abarcopy @JustKip
Conscious, conceptual thoughts are not the only thing in our heads though. We have instincts also, just like all the other animals. John Wathey makes a very convincing case in his book, “The Illusion of God’s Presence” that one of the human instincts, present from birth, is one that gives the infant a sense of its mother’s presence even when she is not within the child’s range of sight or hearing. He mentions that some neonatal instincts vanish as the infant grows, but this particular one does not, and stays viable throughout adulthood. He suggests that this innate sense of the presence of a loving caretaker is what adult humans have labeled “God”. His book cites quite a lot of studies that back up this hypothesis. In any case, this is at minimum, reason to be open to the possibility that such a “belief” or instinct could be present in humans long before they are capable of rational (or even irrational) thought, and persist long after the person has developed the capacity for reason.

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