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Most on this site,it's safe to assume, don't believe in an afterlife. As a result, are you afraid of death? Do you put more emphasis on this one life? Do you relax knowing that after 13.8 billion years of unguided events it is nuts to think our circumstances have meaning?

Dogpound9 6 Aug 1

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I like what Mark Twain said about death. "I was dead millions of years before I was born, and it hasn't caused me the slightest inconvenience.


Our individual lives have little meaning to the human collective yet the collective is meaningful to our life experience.


Tho I'm not 'afraid' of death, I don't, usually, look forward to it. This is the only life we are assured of having, make the most of it!


Nope. Being dead will require nothing of me. It's living Thats difficult.


Can't determine what death will be like, but I can control what I do and how I am in life, so that's where I put the emphasis. No point in stressing about death and there's no reason to do good works in the hope of buying myself something nice for the hereafter.

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