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Call me Dave brought up an interesting question.
I have one question for the guys.
Do you get a thank you when you open the door for the ladies? Percentage?

Bendog 7 Aug 1

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Here in the small Canadian town where i live now, and even when i lived in a mid-size capital city, i would hunch about 95%. Even when someone doesn't say thank you, i still say "you're welcome." LLOL And i do get some funny looks, which makes my day.


I do get a thanks 90% of the time. The thanks matters to me because it signifies that politeness, which I think graces a society, is still alive and well.


I am a woman and I love it when a man holds the door fir me and I wouldn't dream of saying thank you and smiling.


if they have any manners of course . doing it is classy even if they do not. because it is not mandatory and you still do it is class. if they get all huffy , run


Almost always and from the men too.

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