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I know this guy's a 'tad' religious, however, I can't help but agree with a lot of what he proposes. ?

patchoullijulie 8 Aug 2

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So when is he going to repudiate all of the death penalty admonitions in the bible?

Killing a Jew DEATH
Lying to a Jew DEATH
Stealing from a Jew DEATH
(Rules relating specifically to Jews do not apply when committed against Gentiles)
Not being a Jew DEATH
Adultery DEATH
Liking your neighbors cow DEATH
Wearing Polycotton blends DEATH
Sleeping with an in law DEATH
Seeing a family member naked (even by accident) DEATH
Eating Shell fish DEATH
Eating Pork DEATH
Blasphemy DEATH
Saying God's name DEATH
Working on the sabbath DEATH
Talking back to your parents DEATH
Being Gay DEATH
Boiling a lamb in its mothers milk DEATH
Getting raped DEATH (Unless you rapist agrees to buy you off your dad, so he can marry you and carry on raping you)
Beating you slave to death DE... Oh no wait that one is just a fine silly me

Well....I guess there always has to be a starting point?


It's weird to think his opinion on the subject is important because so many people think he's inspired by God. Saying that, I don't know if he claimed this opinion is infallible.

He's such a fake. Even some Catholics say he is a 'pope for the unbelievers' because he does nothing for Catholics and spends all his time trying to make Catholicism look good to unbelievers.

Interesting. So, either he's inspired by God or he's a fake, who's just trying to look good for the non-believers. And how was it for Ratzinger? Was he the real deal to the believers because he was such a polar opposite to Francis? Dramatically different positions on the same issues inspired by the same source?

@chalupacabre No. I said many people believe he is inspired. I believe he’s a fake. I can’t believe you missed that.
I believe Ratzinger was more honest than Francis. They agreed on this issue?
You’re not thinking straight on this one. Whatever made you think polar opposites could not agree on anything and are you trying to claim that because both men say the same thing, inspiration is involved? I hope not.

@brentan I was saying that, as Pope, it's amusing to me that the degree to which he's regarded as "inspired" isn't the same as for Ratzinger, seeing as how they were both God's chosen representatives, correct? I find it interesting that God's values should be reflected so differently with a relatively short period. As far as being fake goes, well, they're all really fake, aren't they? So a lot of the papacy boils down to showmanship and where that's concerned, I find Francis' shows of austerity a refreshing change to the previous embraces of the church's decadence.
In short, they're both fakes, but I prefer Francis' presentation and there is no inspiration, but I'm surprised at the same selection process yielding different outcomes.

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