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This was posted on fb by a member of my "religious right" family. This is exactly what they believe..SMH

Just to clarify my post, this is NOT my belief but that of my religious family.

charlotte62 7 Aug 2

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Oh My doG, that is down right scary. My sister and her family in Sacramento have the same sentiments I'm sure. We can not talk about anything political or religious at all.


Dream on. You have lost sight of eality and sanity if you believe in serial liar.


Save us from what? Affordable health care? Clean air and water? Education? Ethical working conditions? Equal rights? Thanks anyway, dotard.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 2, 2018

@charlotte62 -- I wish to thank you sincerely for another one of those WTF moments.

2 bout ..A malignant narcissist fulfilling his needs at the expense of the world ~

Varn Level 8 Aug 2, 2018

Still want to see his tax returns.


Let's try to rationalize
He is a billionaire
He and any other president before him have/had gave up a life style of sorts
He has been humiliated and ridiculed and slandered
Now, is he putting up with all that because he wants to "save" us? I don't know about that. According to who? Who came up with that conclusion and how can it be supported? With what facts can anyone say his reason is to save us? I don't agree with that statement unless references to support such claim are provided.
I get it, you hate the person. That's fine however, that does not imply what has been said is an actual fact


Still no vomiting emoji? I need one!

Good one!


We need saver all right - from him. Also - gave up his billionaire lifestyle? why I thought we were paying for it at his resorts around the world.


Is there a puking icon?

That's what I'm saying!

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