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Proof That Jordan Peterson is Dishonest - Cogent Canine

phxbillcee 9 Aug 2

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Jordan is not dishonest. Stupid headline.

Jacar Level 8 Aug 3, 2018

Okay, a disingenuous, obfuscating, pompous ass! Feel better now?

@phxbillcee That best that can be said of your comments, and of the YT commentator, is that you do not understand. That you become all ad hominem about it is extra sad.


I loved his question..if Humans ceased to exist would God still exist....mental note made of that one..if nothing else it may provoke a thiest that stops me in the street to think about..

Beats asking them to explain Dinosaur fossils..?


I tried to add Obfuscation as a tag & was told it contained bad language!!! OMd!!!! That is hilarious!

Yea you should cease could go blind! ??

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