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This new book called "Squeezed" looks really good. Does anyone feel like the middle class is slowly getting pushed out? Is it harder to get a house, kids, and an education than it was 30 years ago?

UrsiMajor 8 Aug 3

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I will definitely get a copy to read - and, yes, the middle class which was the large, driving economic force that propelled our economy to all time highs has been shrinking year by year. I used to be surprised to hear of couples making quite a lot of money between the two of them having so much trouble keeping their heads above water. Now I wonder if its not partly because they are products of the "instant gratification" generation??? Young couples used to rent and save money until they could afford a "starter home". Now newlyweds buy McMansions - justified by needing to be in the best school districts, etc. - most have student loans hanging over their heads - and of course, big car nothing much surprises me anymore.


There are more applicants than ever for university places here in the UK, so I don’t entirely agree. It seems that in my day it wasn’t so necessary to have a degree to be considered for most jobs outside of teaching, medicine and law. Those with degrees do on average earn more over a lifetime than those UK student loans are only paid back when the graduate reaches a certain pay threshold, which I think is a fair system.


It's very easy to get a free house if people are willing to do what those folks do on home improvement shows.
It's much harder to buy them retail.


Of course it's more expensive now. Everyone know that. Millennials are screwed.


I think it's very true. It'll be a return to the bad old days when there was only rich and poor.

oh yea....I agree.

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