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Just my thoughts :

linear perception has space/time locked into a paradoxical loop of various levels of decay to reality as a whole.

Due to the abundant amount of chaotic emotional energy, and perception of that chaos, has manifested a loop into reality for experience (embedded in the human psyche)

Constant bombardment of the same reality, based off of emotional perception, can and will cause a variation of decay in each instance.

If decay is constructive, then that variation will continue, as the decay has the building mechanics to destroy and rebuild the cycle

If decay is destructive, then annihilation of the reality as a whole will take place, in degrees of magnetic influence. Leaving trace elements of said reality (memories)

Anubis83 3 Aug 3

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Thank you for those with questions, and being positive. It is a pleasure to have met you all


Deep understanding as to how we are destroying the planet, and how we as a whole are creating our own destruction.


What drug are you on, LSD or 'shrums?

None.. . i just think out of the box, and study and assimilate information

@Anubis83 No offense meant there. You're into some difficult to understand thinking there. A lot of it and very involved interactions. good luck

@starwatcher-al i sensed no harm in your motive's and you are fine. Thank you for your addition to this topic

@Anubis83 You are welcome, too bad we are 1000 miles away.


How can decay be constructive? It's meaning is the opposite.

Old ways of thought decay, and are rebuilt. You don't like something about your self, you take time to change it, decay of old habits to form new ones out of the old. Just like the decaying grass, also has new grass sprouting out of it



Dietl Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

Its only gibberish if one is not able to percieve the consciousness relativity that is stated. To make it basic for you..... Because of the social engineering of the planet... its being destroyed. We are the main consciousness of the planet we live in, and it is more chaotic daily.. killing us as a whole and the planet, look at your oceans, air and food quality.. so my gibberish has meaning... first have the simplicity to ask for clarification... second de calcify your self to see beyond your programming

If you want to get some point across you have to keep in mind the audience you are speaking to. You are using words in an unusual way and as far as I can determine from your...well, gibberish, you are proposing some things that you first need to establish before talking about them in such a handwaving manner.
Why not use those "basic" terms from the beginning. Do you fear to sound mundane? I at least can assure you that you are. You try to hide your banality with your convoluted language, but I don't care for that. You can go on with it and maybe some will be intrigued and will listen, but I won't.
I will indulge in one minor little point because it maybe shows your pretentiousness. We don't destroy our planet. We destroy the environment we, as a species, depend on. The planet doesn't care. Even if we blow off the entirety of our nuclear arsenal and cause a nuclear winter. A few thousand or hundred thousand years later, we will be forgotten and life goes on, without us. We have a responsibility to ourselves and for future generations to care for the environment and not act cruel. Again, we can't destroy our planet, we can't destroy reality as a whole. In the end we don't matter. We are insignificant to the universe. If we want to do something that matters, we have to find that meaning in our tiny lives and not in some grand scheme that only exists in your head.


I need a clarification. Is 'linear perception' another way of saying 'thinking about the future' or do you mean that our perception of space-time is linear instead of multi-dimensional?

If it's the latter, where do our emotions fit in?

Yes, because most people focus on fear, destruction, poverty, ect. They have a deep emotional attachment to the thoughts, which creates the individual perception and experience of the individual. Logically.. unless your moved by emotion ( energy in motion) then you will not experience your thoughts. Hunger pains drive you to eat.. happiness drives you to reflect on your experience of bliss, and want do "do it again"

I've just finished a book that dealt with these issues. It's Victor Frankl's Man's Search For Meaning. He was a psychotherapist who ended up in the Nazi concentration camps. He teaches (or taught, maybe he's dead) logotherapy, which is helping people to find meaning in their lives.

@brentan correct. We need to find our meaning, individually, but as a whole need to work on what we create. Just like the dollar only has the value we place on it. A piece of paper controls nations.. because we all agree it has worth, we live in poverty, because we focus 9n it


Read "The Order of Time" by Carlo Rovelli.

Thank you for that information. I look forward to gaining knowledge

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