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10 Questions that religious person should ask himself before death

  1. If my religion is my choice or it's my parents religion
  2. If my parents religion was their own choice or was for their great grandparents
  3. If I was born in other country I had the same religion
  4. Religion is investigative its not Imitative so why in my childhood always they told me there is even and hell this is god and its evil …
  5. If religion is investigative I have investigated and found atheism is true so why they kill me
  6. Why we have one Quran bus Islam has 22 branch which is going to paradise
  7. Why all the religious people of 26 religion and 200 branches are sure that they are right and other are false
  8. Why Imam Ali comes just in Shia people dreams Omar comes to Sunni people dreams and Merry comes to Christians dreams
  9. Why America and Australia have not seen any Messengers and al 124000 messengers Are for middle east
  10. And why atheist people are coming great community every day?
abarcopy 4 Aug 4

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I didn't know that about Ali and Omar appearing in Muslim dreams according to their beliefs about Islam.


To quote Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind....”frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”! They are going to die anyway and it won’t make them any happier thinking their whole life has been a lie, so just let them be. They won’t be disappointed to find out they believed a load of hokum as when they die that will be the end of them. I say leave them alone and hope they leave us alone too.

Thanks thats the best job to do


Never had 10 questions for religion. I don't think I had 10 questions for my wife in 19 years of marriage. Wow! Those ever married know why.

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