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The "split brain": there are two of you in yourself - video from CGP Grey.

The video presents what happens when the connections between the left and right sides of your brain are cut.

Spoiler alert: it suggests that each side act independently of each other. And supposes that in your body, there are two intelligences / consciences / people / something that we have no name for.

The video also very mildly questions whether we have free will - but only in one sentence as a reference for another video essay (which I don't think he has released yet).

At the end, CGP Grey recommends another video from another cannel, Kurzgesagt. I recommend the viewing of that video, too.

(Also, I've been subscribed to both CGP Grey and Kurzgesagt for years. For a lay person, I find their method of describing science very easy to understand.)

EDIT: more scientific info released in the last few days by SciShow Pysche YouTube channel:

SamKerry 7 Jan 13

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busy day, so haven't watched the videos yet, I have observed different parts of peoples minds independent of other parts. I mean minds, not brains. Consider the brain as a bunch of ingredients, sugar, water, flour, eggs. The brain is the raw material or building blocks of the mind, using different parts of it can create a variety of "minds" for want of a better word. I have 7. They do not have to agree with each other, I can switch from one to another to consider a situation from another perspective. I play devils advocate really well and can put up a strong argument to make someone prove their point, even when I agree with them. Bad Rugglesby.

I get what you're saying. And the video supports it. (Also, I was conscious in not mixing both "mind" and "brain" in my post because I actually believe that they are one and the same. And so, I only used the word "brain". Although, some may argue that "mind" is the non-physical part of the brain.)

It states (based on studies of people with "split brain" ) :
1: the left and right sides of the brain act independently of each other.

The video presents a test (of split brain people) in which a written question is shown only to the left eye. The test subject won't be able to reply in speech because ( a ) the left side of the brain processes what we see with the right eye and controls our language, AND ( b ) because the right eye was blind to the question, the left brain can't process it to form the response as speech.

HOWEVER, if the response can be given without speech (e.g. "pick up the toy car off the desk" ), the test subject's left hand will be able to comply because ( a ) the left eye saw the command and ( b ) sent it to the right brain which was able to process it and ( c ) send the appropriate chemical reactions to make the left arm respond to the command.

2: People with split brain that experiences this do not "freak out" - as if our brains were already "used" to this phenomenon.

3: If all that is true, the video argues that it's possible that we actually have two intelligences, consciousness - or whatever may best describes it. We have no actual word for it. While both sides of the brain act independently of each other, the connections between the two in non-split-brain people, allow them to cooperate so that they respond as one.

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