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If one has an affair on their partner, aside from the morality, guilt and violation of trust ( not to dismiss these variable), what is the over-riding issue to be taken away from this?

Dan1947 6 Aug 5

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Lack of commitment to a person and relationship. I think it’s that simple


I think monogamy is a social construct. Some people crave it and some people don't. I have been in completely monogamous relationships, completely open relationships, and relationships that fell somewhere in between. For me, monogamy doesn't matter as long as I can trust my partner to use protection and not bring home diseases. All I really ask for is honesty.


Esther Perel has a great view upon this. The happier the person in their relationship the more likely they are to enjoy the company of others.

The book is very good: "The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity"



The partner is probably lacking something you need.




Are you asking for opinions, or giving a quiz?

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