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"Paradise... this Eden which is Sussex still", Hilaire Belloc, 1911. Sussex, the land of the South Saxons, is the county in which I live in the South East corner of this small island. Our unofficial county motto, 'We wunt be druv' is a Sussex dialect phrase meaning 'We won't be driven'; we're strong and stubborn. My family came here about 32 ago when my parents moved into the Oast house on the farm which belonged to my great uncle. When he died he left the farm in trust to my mother, my sister and me. I moved into one of the old farm workers cottages 5 years ago and I'm here to stay. My sister and her family live in the manor house which is mentioned in the Domesday Book, and they're here to stay too. I love this area. We're close to the sea, the Pevensey Levels and the rolling South Downs. I walk for miles along the beaches and the white cliffs, the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head and over the Downs with wonderful names such Butts Brow, Butchers Hole Bottom, Mount Harry, Firle Beacon and Devil's Dyke. I'm thrilled every evening by the sun setting over the Downs; I have a clear view of them from the my cottage. The area is known as 1066 country as it's where the Normans invaded; the Battle of Hastings and all that. I'm close to Hastings and Brighton both of which are vibrant and bohemian cultural hot spots in their own and very different ways. It's also been a home and inspiration to many writers, poets, artists and composers such as Rudyard Kipling, Virginia Woolf, Hilaire Belloc, William Blake, Eric Ravilious, JMW Turner, Paul Nash, Duncan Grant, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Sir Edward Elgar. I'd be fascinated to know about where you guys live and what you love about your little corners of the world.

Keymaiden 6 Aug 5

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That sounds lovely. I have been to Ireland and the UK but mostly in Scotland and in the south of England and in Wales. I don't think I could live in that part of the world all year (too dark in the winter) but it does call to me and I go back as often as I can. I live in Baltimore county Maryland with 2 small dogs, a little porch, lovely trees near my apartment building, piles of books, and a project that I am calling The Garden of Glass and Mirrors.


Live near boston where in about 1620, john winthrop, my pious great uncle, many times removed arrived from england running from persecution and proceeded to become first governor of massachusetts and began to persecute others, who didn't share in his peculiar form of piety.


After the part about you living in Sussex, everything else written played itself out in my mind with a sexy accent.


Sounds lovely and a far cry from the London that northerners usually imagine everywhere southeast to be! I wish my imagination worked fast enough to type out a similar summary of my home! But what springs to mind is I'm 5 minutes drive from views over two different rivers. The Mersey to the north looking across to the Liverpool skyline, and the Dee to the south with the mountains of North Wales on the other side, and my own favourite sunset views. A 40 minute drive and I'm in those mountains 🙂

Salo Level 7 Aug 5, 2018

@Keymaiden yep take me with you 🙂 I've read a couple of books years ago by people walking the whole coast, but I think that misses out too much for the sake of a tick list.

@Keymaiden I've done a few small bits of it through Cornwall a long time ago, it was beautiful.


That sounds like a lovely place!

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